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A Quiver of Crows™: Action Screenshot

Check out the first action screenshot from our next game! This screenshot demonstrates the twin-stick shmup/shooter gameplay. The crow freely flies around defending itself from demon mouths.

Also – see that seesaw? It will teeter/totter in the game if crows or enemies interact with it.

The seesaw, like most of the environment in A Quiver of Crows, is physics simulated. This means all things in the foreground can be bumped into, rotated, etc. – all adding a bit more life to the world.

A crow shoots dual plasma shots and demon mouths.

Thanks for checking in on our latest progress. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @AQuiverOfCrows for all the latest news!

A Quiver of Crows™

Hello everyone!

The official name for Game #3 is A Quiver of Crows™!

It is a free-roaming shooter/shmup where you play as a crow. We are excited to share with you our first public screenshot:

A Quiver of Crows - Monkeybars

We’ll update each week with more screenshots and progress. Please follow us @AQuiverOfCrows to stay updated!

Don’t forget to check out our Steam Curation List. Currently, it’s a list of shooters/shmups that are enjoyable and relevant to us.

Games We Love

Hi Everybody!

As you may already know, our next game is going to be a shooter (a shmup-like) set in a unique environment for the genre. We’ve been playing these types of games since the days of the Atari! Many of the designs going into Game 3 are influenced by awesome shmups (short for shoot’em ups) and twin-stick shooters.

To give you an idea of what type of games we’re yammering about, we went ahead and made a Steam Curation List of some of our favorites. Check it out and follow the list if you have a Steam account!

Please follow us @SheadoNet for updates.

Game 3 Concept Art: Character Design

After a few creative round tables we’ve finally narrowed the main character for Game 3. This design didn’t make it through the voting rounds because we wanted something more organic that would fit into the environment that we chose. A lot of the games in the genre we’re choosing have a technological theme. Part of our design choices are going against the most used themes, this is partly why we’re going with organic v.s. technological. Now that we have the environment and characters narrowed down we are focussing on refining the story line, enemies, and level design. Stay tuned, we’ll be sharing more of our progress as things develop.

Game 3 Concept Art – Round 3

After some further thought and discussion we’ve narrowed our style down to something we all agreed on. We decided not to go with a space-age theme because so many shooters are already coming out in that style. To stand apart we want a moodier setting for all the action to take place. Take a look below at another style we decided not to go with. Although the futuristic look has a pretty cool vibe, it didn’t inspire us enough in setting our game apart from the crowd.

Now that we have an environment selected we’re moving on to narrowing down the main character. A lot of factors are going into this, we’ll be sharing some of those ideas soon as well.

Game 3 Concept Art – Getting closer to choosing a style

Last week we narrowed down the environment concepts to 3 different styles, and after meeting today we are starting to get close to what we want the final look and feel to be like. This part is important because it can influence everything from the story to characters, so we want make sure we’re going down the right path from the start.

This is another theme that we decided not to go with, although we liked the middle eastern setting we decided to go with a theme that could easily convey a story just through the gameplay itself. Take a look.

Game 3 Concept Art – A First Glimpse

Today we had started narrowing down the style, theme, and environment for Game 3. Out of 6 different concepts we’ve narrowed it down to 3 which we’ll be fleshing out in the next week. The designs vary a lot from science fiction settings to more rustic landscapes. We’ll also be working on the character designs to help us make the best decision, making sure that we create an environment that compliments the character designs. We’re looking for an environment that spurs the gamer’s imagination while making sure that the structures are clear and navigable.

This is one of our rejected concepts, although it’s intriguing we wanted a style that is seen less often. Take a look!

Game 3 Announcement

Hi everyone!

We have an announcement! We will now be working on our Game #3!

While growing up, we enjoyed playing Tamagotchi, which inspired us to make our virtual pet adventure game, Furdiburb.

We then focused on casual gaming with Eras of Alchemy.

Now that we’ve decided to take on our third title as a company, we wanted to create something that we are passionate about as gamers. After some thought, we’re excited to announce that Game 3 will be a chaotic shooter set in an artistic environment.

Here’s a style concept:

NOTE: Nothing is finalized, so any images (up until the final release) is subject to change.

Please follow us @Sheadonet for updates!

Stop-Motion Version 1.4

Stop-MotionHi everyone!

There is a new update to Stop-Motion available that will enable newer devices to export the movies to the Gallery.

  • If you have an older device (up to Android 4.0), nothing changes. You still upload the file to YouTube from our app.
  • If you have a newer device (Android 4.0 and up), select your video, then press “export”. Once exported, open the video in your Gallery and press the share button.

Note: Some older devices can’t play exported videos with resolutions higher than 640×360, and most devices can’t play exported videos that have resolutions higher than 1280×720. Although playing these videos might give you a “Can’t play this video” message, they will play properly on your computer or if uploaded to YouTube.

Feel free to follow us @Sheadonet to keep up with what we’re working on.

Google Play and Amazon Kindle Version 1.2 Update Now Available for Eras of Alchemy

Eras of AlchemyHi everybody!

There is an update for Eras of Alchemy on Google Play and Amazon Kindle. Please check it out – we have added a number of features:

Eras of Alchemy, full of life screenshot

  • **NEW ERAS!!!** – We added new eras and animals! Update and see all the crazy creatures you can unlock.
  • Clear All Button – Want an easier way to clean up animal messes? There is a trash can button that will allow you to clear screen.
  • Mute Option – In the menu settings, you can now shut off audio for this game.
  • Wisdom Coins – We’ve added a couple of FREE ways of earning Wisdom Coins into the game. Check it out the next time you play!
  • Ads – Were you annoyed by the ads? We heard you so we reduced the number of pop-up ads significantly.

Get it On Play

Amazon App: Eras of Alchemy