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How We Make Our Games

Hey Everybody,

We just wrote up an overview about which tools and frameworks we use to make our games. This might be interesting to those of you who are trying to get into game development and/or if you’re an artist, programmer, or musician.

Read all about it here: What We Use to Make Our 2D Games

In other news – the trailer for A Quiver of Crows is almost done! Stay tuned!

A Quiver of Crows™ – Playground Chaos (animated gif)

Last week we were busy with more trailer related tasks. We created an alpha version of the trailer for A Quiver of Crows and submitted it to our friends for feedback. The general reaction has been overwhelmingly positive!

This week we are working on improving the trailer at key spots based on their comments. We are hoping to have it finished some time next week.

In the meantime enjoy an action gif where the crow battles demonic biters.
A Quiver of Crows - Playground Chaos

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A Quiver of Crows™ – Sine Wave (animated gif)

Hi Peoples!
Last week was a short holiday week during which we were busy stuffing ourselves with turkey and gingerbread cookies. Nevertheless, we managed to get a bunch of work done, especially in finalizing more weapons for our dear crows. Here is a screenshot of the sine wave weapon from our work-in-progress shmup A Quiver of Crows. It took us a while to finalize the final two weapons for the trailer, but here it is!

The crow fires the sine wave weapon at skelebats.

In front of the starry sky, the crow fires the sine wave weapon at skelebats.

That skelebat is eating a blast of plasma!

This week, we will be recording game footage to be used for the trailer that we hope to finish in the next couple of weeks. Here’s the first ever sneak peak of the game in action!

The sine wave weapon in action.

The sine wave action power on! Pew pew!

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A Quiver of Crows™ – Moonlight Stage

Here’s a screenshot for our new stage in our work-in-progress shmup A Quiver of Crows. Such quiet serenity in the calm blue stillness before chaos erupts!

The calm before the storm.

Over the past week we’ve been working on finalizing three more weapons, polishing up some particle effects, and fine-tuning some AI. All of this is in preparation for our Steam Greenlight campaign, which we hope to launch in the next few weeks. Can’t wait!

Also, we’ve been baking delicious pies… yum! You all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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A Quiver of Crows – Skelecrane ™

Here is the new reveal for the Skelecrane boss in our upcoming shmup, A Quiver of Crows. Majestic and graceful for such a bony big bird! (Note: work in progress, likely to change)

A Quiver of Crows - skelecrane boss (alpha)

The crow encounters the skelecrane boss amongst evil mouths. Featuring the single plasma shot, potent laser blast!

We are currently working on several different weapons for the crow and are also designing the final level that will appear in the trailer, which we plan to be shooting in the next couple of weeks.

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Another Week, Another Update

Hey Peoples!

After returning from GDCNext (a gaming convention) last week, we jumped right back into work. As you can see from the screenshots on the site – A Quiver Of Crows ™ – we’ve got a morning-time scene set in a valley. We also have an afternoon scene set in a desert junkyard. Over the past week, we’ve been finalizing a new evening scene filled spooky skulls and bones! We’re not ready to show a screencap of that yet, but do check out a sneak peak of some newly revealed enemies: the skelebat and the wasp!

A Quiver of Crows

The crow doing battle with skelebats and wasps! Featured weapon is the three-way spread small bullet fire.

On the tech side, we’ve been working on fixing up the parallax layers to include stars and a sun or moon. Also, we got a discussion going over on the Esoteric Software forums regarding how we are incorporating physics into our animations. If you’re a dev or just interested in this sort of thing, check it out here.
Speaking of animations – we use the Spine tool by Esoteric Software for editing all of the enemy and environment animations in our game. It’s quite a lovely tool – we highly recommend it!

Okay! That’s it for now.
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A Quiver of Crows™ – GDCNext

We were at GDCNext (a game development convention) this week, and it was very fun! After months of secluded work on A Quiver of Crows, it’s nice to be social with other developers. We got to play their upcoming or recently released games, chit-chatted about game development, and got lots of handy advice! Here’s a shout out to the devs at Neverending Nightmares, The Masterplan, and Reassembly. Follow the links and check out their awesome games!

As our development updates go – check out our new screenshot. We showcase an example of multiple environments in a single level. The crow is leaving the meadow and entering a spooky cave which is full of twists and turns in every direction.

Cave Entrance

Wait, Crow, are you sure you want to go in??

We’re discussing future plans of video-recording the process of art creation as well as level design, giving you a peek behind the scenes. Remember to follow us @AQuiverOfCrows if you don’t want to miss these updates.

Thanks! Stay tuned!

A Quiver of Crows™: Website is Up!

The new website for our 3rd game is up! Please check out to learn more about A Quiver of Crows.

And while you’re here – check out our latest gameplay screenshot.

Dry winds blowing through the desert sky. Windmills spinning in the background. A blurry bulldozer in the foreground demonstrating the multiple parallax layers. Deep colors evoking a sense of baking in the desert heat.

That’s it for now. Don’t forget to check back with us soon for more development info and screenshots!

A Quiver of Crows™: Action Screenshot

Check out the first action screenshot from our next game! This screenshot demonstrates the twin-stick shmup/shooter gameplay. The crow freely flies around defending itself from demon mouths.

Also – see that seesaw? It will teeter/totter in the game if crows or enemies interact with it.

The seesaw, like most of the environment in A Quiver of Crows, is physics simulated. This means all things in the foreground can be bumped into, rotated, etc. – all adding a bit more life to the world.

A crow shoots dual plasma shots and demon mouths.

Thanks for checking in on our latest progress. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @AQuiverOfCrows for all the latest news!

A Quiver of Crows™

Hello everyone!

The official name for Game #3 is A Quiver of Crows™!

It is a free-roaming shooter/shmup where you play as a crow. We are excited to share with you our first public screenshot:

A Quiver of Crows - Monkeybars

We’ll update each week with more screenshots and progress. Please follow us @AQuiverOfCrows to stay updated!

Don’t forget to check out our Steam Curation List. Currently, it’s a list of shooters/shmups that are enjoyable and relevant to us.