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1 Shot Pool

We made a mini-game!

Hey Peoples! Check it out:

It’s real simple. You get 1 shot to sink them all! Give it a shot – you might even like it if you’re not totally into billiard games.

Also, it’s free! Go get it now!!!!!!!1!1!!
1 Shot Pool

The Aftermath of Being Greenlit

Hi everyone!

Being Greenlit gave us a huge morale boost and an even bigger pile of work! Luckily though, we can ease off promoting the game for now and focus most of our attention on game development. The three of us have been busy:

  • Danny is working on the environmental assets for two new stages.
  • Chad is upgrading the development framework and preparing the Windows build for alpha testing.
  • I’m building the alpha level as well as balancing the monsters.

I’ll leave you with this timelapse video showing the ground building process of a level using the RUBE (Really Useful Box2D Editor):

That’s it for this update. Don’t forget to follow us @AQuiverOfCrows for the latest news and screenshots of A Quiver of Crows.

A Quiver of Crows has been Greenlit!

Thanks to everyone who has voted, tweeted, written about, and supported us in any way. We are so humbled and extremely grateful!

A Quiver of Crows Greenlit on Steam on January 26, 2015

A Quiver of Crows Greenlit on Steam

It’s back to work for us. Follow us for more updates! @AQuiverOfCrows

In the Midst of Greenlight

Now that we’re about 2 weeks into Greenlight we’ve done a good deal of reaching out to journalists, websites, and shmup fans. The process takes a lot of time and anytime someone picks up a story on us, it’s a big help.

Check out the awesome coverage the game has gotten so far!
IGM Forum Finds: A Quiver of Crows
Destructoid – A Quiver of Crows looks lovely…
Gaming on Linux

At this point we will let our Steam Greenlight page go into auto-pilot as we continue getting a stream of votes. Feedback from our voters has been mostly positive so far, which is hugely motivating!

Here’s a timelapse showing the animation process for willow trees that will be in A Quiver of Crows! The animations are being done in Spine – 2D animation software for games.

Thank you for your support and lets keep those yes votes coming!

A Quiver of Crows™ is on Greenlight!

Hi everyone!

We are excited to announce that A Quiver of Crows is on Greenlight! If you haven’t seen our trailer, check it out there. Please vote for us!


If you have a moment, please help spread the word of our Greenlight campaign to your family and friends. We need as many votes as we can from our fans in order to be successful.

Thank you!

Homing Quills!

Happy New Year! Things are pretty distracting during the holidays, but we are still getting work done on A Quiver of Crows. Our entry on Steam Concepts has been very positive so far.

Check out our new screenshot. We don’t have homing pigeons in our crow game, we have homing quills!

These quills will heat-seek enemies and hunt them down relentlessly!

We will be running our Greenlight campaign next week, so stay tuned!

Please follow us on Twitter @AQuiverOfCrows for updates.

Happy Holidays!

Aside from baking tons more gingerbread cookies, we’ve been hard at work as usual. We finally managed to complete the announcement trailer for A Quiver of Crows and our Steam Greenlight campaign is almost ready!

Visit the updated site and take a look! We’ll do a more official announcement of the trailer once the Greenlight campaign launches in early January.

laser weapon

Hey skull – open wide! Zap zap!

For more updates, please follow us @AQuiverOfCrows.
Have an awesome holiday season!

How We Make Our Games

Hey Everybody,

We just wrote up an overview about which tools and frameworks we use to make our games. This might be interesting to those of you who are trying to get into game development and/or if you’re an artist, programmer, or musician.

Read all about it here: What We Use to Make Our 2D Games

In other news – the trailer for A Quiver of Crows is almost done! Stay tuned!

A Quiver of Crows™ – Playground Chaos (animated gif)

Last week we were busy with more trailer related tasks. We created an alpha version of the trailer for A Quiver of Crows and submitted it to our friends for feedback. The general reaction has been overwhelmingly positive!

This week we are working on improving the trailer at key spots based on their comments. We are hoping to have it finished some time next week.

In the meantime enjoy an action gif where the crow battles demonic biters.
A Quiver of Crows - Playground Chaos

For more updates, please follow us @AQuiverOfCrows.

A Quiver of Crows™ – Sine Wave (animated gif)

Hi Peoples!
Last week was a short holiday week during which we were busy stuffing ourselves with turkey and gingerbread cookies. Nevertheless, we managed to get a bunch of work done, especially in finalizing more weapons for our dear crows. Here is a screenshot of the sine wave weapon from our work-in-progress shmup A Quiver of Crows. It took us a while to finalize the final two weapons for the trailer, but here it is!

The crow fires the sine wave weapon at skelebats.

In front of the starry sky, the crow fires the sine wave weapon at skelebats.

That skelebat is eating a blast of plasma!

This week, we will be recording game footage to be used for the trailer that we hope to finish in the next couple of weeks. Here’s the first ever sneak peak of the game in action!

The sine wave weapon in action.

The sine wave action power on! Pew pew!

Please follow us @AQuiverofCrows