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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Homing Quills!

Happy New Year! Things are pretty distracting during the holidays, but we are still getting work done on A Quiver of Crows. Our entry on Steam Concepts has been very positive so far. Check out our new screenshot. We don’t have homing pigeons in our crow game, we have homing quills!

Happy Holidays!

Aside from baking tons more gingerbread cookies, we’ve been hard at work as usual. We finally managed to complete the announcement trailer for A Quiver of Crows and our Steam Greenlight campaign is almost ready!

How We Make Our Games

Hey Everybody, We just wrote up an overview about which tools and frameworks we use to make our games. This might be interesting to those of you who are trying to get into game development and/or if you’re an artist, programmer, or musician. Read all about it here: What We Use to Make Our 2D […]

A Quiver of Crows™ – Playground Chaos (animated gif)

Last week we were busy with more trailer related tasks. We created an alpha version of the trailer for A Quiver of Crows and submitted it to our friends for feedback. The general reaction has been overwhelmingly positive!

A Quiver of Crows™ – Sine Wave (animated gif)

Hi Peoples! Last week was a short holiday week during which we were busy stuffing ourselves with turkey and gingerbread cookies. Nevertheless, we managed to get a bunch of work done, especially in finalizing more weapons for our dear crows.