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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Furdiburb – what we’re working on

Hi everybody! Since we added Boomy Woods, we are working on the apothecary next. We had a huge discussion figuring out the details of entering the store. Then! We had a huge discussion about how the inventory system would work in this game. Entering the building is somewhat complicated with the effects we have in […]

Furdiburb: Version 0.6beta3

Hey guys, Another quick update.. We’ve fixed the sprout watering issue and a couple of other bugs. If you experience any other issues please let us know so that we can fix them. Thanks for all the feedback! :M

Furdiburb: Can’t Water Sprouts

Hi everyone, we’re hearing from several of you that you can’t water sprouts. We are trying to reproduce this and have a fix for this as soon as we can, but we need your help. If you can’t water your sprouts, please try these two things: 1. Go to the forest, then return home 2. […]

Furdiburb: Version 0.6beta2

Hey everyone, This latest version should fix the land sensitivity issue. With a motion described as a “long swipe”, you should be able to travel back and forth on the lands. Enjoy!

Furdiburb Land Sensitivity Issue

Hi everyone, We heard back from a lot of you that feeding Furdiburb is difficult as the plucking motion causes the land to move. Thanks for letting us know – we do not purposely release an update to annoy you. =) We will be releasing a fix for this soon.

Furdiburb: Version 0.6beta

Thank you for your patience everybody – we have a new update! You can now travel to Boomy Woods by dragging the land from right to left (and return home by dragging left to right). If your Furdiburb hasn’t hatched yet, you can’t travel to the new land, but fortunately we have three different ways […]

Time-Lapse – Update v1.1.1

Hey guys.. Quick update. We just released v1.1.1 of Time-Lapse and Time-Lapse Lite. This is a minor update and contains some bug fixes for better stability and better device support. As for you Droid and Nexus users out there, please let us know if you have any issues with this update since we have yet […]

Furdiburb – what we’re working on

Hello! I’m here to let you guys know what we’re planning for our next release. We want to thank everyone who has emailed us with suggestions. We read all emails, and it takes us a while to respond. We always gather the suggestions we like in a list and go through a choosing process to […]