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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Time-Lapse – Update v.1.1.0

Hey guys, Quick update. Looks like Motorola Droid running AndroidTM 2.0.1 borked some camera functionality (click here for more details on the issue). We added a work around but have yet to test outside of the Droid emulator. If you experience any issues, please let us know so that we can fix them! Also, we […]

Happy Holidays Update

Seasons greetings everyone! We’re happy to announce several big updates to Furdiburb: Droid resolution fix – Droid users can now enjoy Furdiburb in the correct beautiful resolution! This took a while as all the graphics had to be redone. We don’t have access to higher-resolution phones such as The Droid. Please let us know if […]

Time-Lapse ADC2… Soo close!

Hey guys, Just wanted to thank all of you who voted Time-Lapse into the top 20 Media apps in the Android Developer Challenge 2 (ADC2). Looks like we were in 4th place in the Media category! Soo close to being a prize winner! Anyway, we are honored to have been compared to such awesome apps. […]

Awesome Time-Lapse Video

Hi everyone – with Furdiburb, we’re still finishing up with the resolution issues surrounding the Droid. Most importantly, we’re unable to test the gyro function on the Droid because we do not have one. Android phones can have many different types of hardware (as opposed to iPhone which has standard hardware) so it’s very difficult […]