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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Furdiburb: Version 0.19beta

Hello Furdiburbians! Your favorite virtual pet alien here to announce that the update is now available in the Android Market. Go get it!! Here’s what the update contains: The Nightingale Quest – Poor, poor nightingale. She has lost her song. Can you help her find it? Tehura – Introducing Tehura, the beautiful and mysterious gypsy […]

Furdiburb: What We’re Working On 0.19beta

Hey Furdiburbians! Your lovable alien virtual pet here – just wanted to give you guys and gals a peek at what we’re working on for the next update. The Nightingale Quest – she’s lost her song, can you help her find it? A new shop keeper – a mysterious gypsy selling goods and groceries. New […]

Furdiburb – on a Google TV near you!

OMG, Furdiburb on TV!!! Yes! What is Google TV? Take a gander: The new version of Google TV is currently rolling out on Sony devices now and will be accessible on Logitech devices soon. This version includes lots of awesome new features, our favorite being Android™ Market for Google TV – which of course includes […]