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Monthly Archives: November 2014

A Quiver of Crows™ – Moonlight Stage

Here’s a screenshot for our new stage in our work-in-progress shmup A Quiver of Crows. Such quiet serenity in the calm blue stillness before chaos erupts!

A Quiver of Crows – Skelecrane ™

Here is the new reveal for the Skelecrane boss in our upcoming shmup, A Quiver of Crows. Majestic and graceful for such a bony big bird! (Note: work in progress, likely to change)

Another Week, Another Update

Hey Peoples! After returning from GDCNext (a gaming convention) last week, we jumped right back into work. As you can see from the screenshots on the site – A Quiver Of Crows ™ – we’ve got a morning-time scene set in a valley. We also have an afternoon scene set in a desert junkyard.

A Quiver of Crows™ – GDCNext

We were at GDCNext (a game development convention) this week, and it was very fun! After months of secluded work on A Quiver of Crows, it’s nice to be social with other developers. We got to play their upcoming or recently released games, chit-chatted about game development, and got lots of handy advice!