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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Furdiburb T-Shirts

Hey guys! We went ahead and opened up shop (in real life, not in the game sorry!) You’ll notice there is a “shop” tab in the menu bar, so check out our Furdiburb T-Shirts! Yes, we also worked on the inventory system today. It’s progressing slowly, but nicely.

Furdiburb – what we’re working on next

Hi everyone, After a HUGE discussion, we will be working on the inventory system for the next update. We haven’t forgotten about the medicines, but we figured Furdiburb would need a way to store his purchases somewhere. Hence, inventory before medicine. Also, per a fan’s request, we’re looking into Furdiburb T-shirts and have a photo […]

Furdiburb: Version 0.7beta

Hi everyone, with the new update you can now enter the apothecary in Boomy Woods. Do this by holding your finger over the door for a couple of seconds, and it should zoom in. Exit by touching the red swirly arrow in the lower left corner. Please help us test this update! Unfortunately, the store […]

Stop-Motion for Android TM

Introducing Stop-Motion for Android TM – With Stop-Motion you can easily create your own HD stop-motion videos, animations, and claymations! Just setup your stop-motion scene, adjust, shoot when you’re ready, then repeat. Once you’re done this app will automatically string together all the frames into a .mov movie, which you can upload to YouTube or […]