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Monthly Archives: November 2009

ADC2 Final Round Judging Has Ended

Quick update! ADC2 final round judging has ended. There was a lot of amazing apps in this year’s ADC. Our fingers are crossed for Time-Lapse. You can expect updates about the ADC2 at and

Hello, From a Developer

Hi, I’m Alice, and I am one of the developers for Furdiburb. I work on the control portion of the app while Chad works on the view. We both work as full-time software developers by day. I commute almost 4 hours everyday! Rest assured, we are working on this app during what little free time […]

Furdiburb – Lite Update v0.3beta3

hey guys! Sorry for the consecutive mini updates.. We just wanted to squeeze in another fruit for the season – hope you like it! Quick status update too – we’re still finishing up the next Furdiburb interaction and we’re working on high res graphics for all you Droid users.

Furdiburb – Lite Update v0.3beta2

Ahoy peoples! Minor update to Furdiburb Lite. This update contains the following changes: Fruit changes to suit the season Ruffling hut roof And some bug fixes: Plants no longer grow at the edge of the screen where the clouds can’t reach them Furdiburb no longer hyperventilates while he’s asleep! That’s it for now. Don’t worry […]

Time-Lapse – Update v1.0.1

Hey guys.. Time-Lapse update! The resolution choices have changed! But why?? Well, we had to make the changes since AndroidTM 1.6 (Donut) changed the way the camera works. Don’t worry though – the new choices are pretty cool. Either way, check ’em out and send us your feedback. Cheers..

Time-Lapse Makes Into ADC2 Final Round!! =D

Time-Lapse makes into the top 200 apps (top 20 in the Multimedia category) in the AndroidTM Developer Challenge 2. Thanks to everybody who voted! Time-Lapse is a fun and challenging project to develop, so we’re really happy that people are using it. Hopefully you all like it enough to put us in the top 3 […]