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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Furdiburb – Lite Update v0.3beta

Happy Halloween, folks! This update for Furdiburb includes: A new creepy fruit in the spirit of the holiday, enjoy! Slithering animation – tilt the phone left/right to experience Squishing animation – drop the pet to see Sleep. Furdiburb has his own sleep schedule, but you can wake him up by knocking on his hut three […]

Just Released! Time-Lapse – Lite

Hi peeps.. Time-Lapse – Lite is now in the AndroidTM market. It’s FREE! The Lite version supports just one resolution: 176×144 Try it out, and if you like it check out the full version of Time-Lapse, which can support resolutions of up to 1080p at 30fps. Happy Time-Lapsing!!

Furdiburb – Lite. Update v0.2beta4

You complained and complained. And we finally listened! Hatching time has been cut in half, but remember! You must check on Furdiburb every few hours or he will take longer to hatch. This minor update also includes a couple of new fruits! And yes, we’re still working on other new features, but they’re not quite […]