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Furdiburb, the Virtual Pet, now available in the App Store

Hello Furdiburbians! We are pleased to announce that Furdiburb, the virtual pet, is available for download on the App Store℠. Now iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch® owners can enjoy the wonderful story and humor of Furdiburb. “The fans have been asking for an iPhone and iPad build for a long time now,” commented Chad Ata, […]

Furdiburb: New Dialog Boxes and Japanese Update (Version 1.1 on Google Play)

Hello Furdiburbians! It’s your favorite virtual pet here! We’ve been working on improving our game. The update contains: Japanese Translation – If you can choose Japanese in your language setting, you can practice reading Japanese! Otherwise, we think this app would be great in Japan, given that Tamagotchi originated from there and all. New Dialog […]

Furdiburb 1.0 Now Available in the Amazon Appstore for Android

Hello Furdiburbians! It’s your favorite virtual pet here! We have ported Furdiburb to another platform: The Amazon Appstore! Go go check it out! Optimized graphics rendering 14 GameCircle Achievements Whispersync support Stay tuned for more updates!

Furdiburb Is Out of Beta! (Version 1.0)

Helloooooo Furdiburbians! The long awaited update is here. Go go go virtual pet update! This is our BIGGEST update ever, because we had to squeeze in a bunch of completely new features. Spirit Stone – There’s a mysterious Spirit Statue that has appeared between Tehura’s shop and the volcano. What does it mean?? (go figure […]

Furdiburb: The Virtual Pet Update (Version 0.22beta)

Golly Gee Wilikers! It’s your favorite virtual pet alien saying that the next update is available. Go go go get your virtual pet update! Adulthood – Yes, you heard that right! Furdiburb will now reach adulthood. It may take a while. Gold Poop Types – As Furdiburb grows he will produce different gold poop types, […]

Furdiburb: The Firefly Game Update (Version 0.21beta)

Hey everyone! It’s your favorite virtual pet alien here. Phew! What a tough update! It is finally out. Here are some new things you can expect. Vacuum Tube – Another spaceship part! How do you get it? You know the drill – we’re not telling. Mount Brimstone – A dormant volcano to the West of […]

Furdiburb: The Farm Update (Version 0.20beta)

Hey Furdiburbians! Your favorite virtual pet alien here with a whopper of an update! New Spaceship Part – This update includes the new space ship part – the A.I. Core . How do you get it? We’re not telling! =) Farm Land – Now you can grow some flowers on Jed & Red’s Farm, located […]

Furdiburb: Version 0.19beta

Hello Furdiburbians! Your favorite virtual pet alien here to announce that the update is now available in the Android Market. Go get it!! Here’s what the update contains: The Nightingale Quest – Poor, poor nightingale. She has lost her song. Can you help her find it? Tehura – Introducing Tehura, the beautiful and mysterious gypsy […]

Furdiburb Beta: Version 0.18beta

Greetings Furdiburbians! Your favorite stinky mutating virtual pet alien here to announce that our latest update is now available in Android Market! Go get it!! We have added lots of new technical features. Lite is now Beta – To repeat our earlier announcement, Furdiburb – Lite is now Furdiburb – Beta. We decided to make […]

Furdiburb Lite: Version 0.17beta

Hello Furdiburbians! We are finished with the new update! There is a new land, Looming Mountains, that is now accessible to the very East of Boomy Woods. Check out all the new stuff we’ve added: Two New Characters – Junkybot and MARC – say hello to a junky old robot and a depressed computer! Junkybot’s […]