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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Furdiburb Wallpapers!

Hey guys, The next update is getting closer – we’re almost at the testing phase! While you wait, we thought you might enjoy a fancy Furdiburb wallpaper for your Android device or desktop computer. Get the wallpaper in the resolution that best suits you here.

Developments on Furdiburb – Minigame, New Lands, and Currency!

Greetings Its been a while since we’ve last updated, and that’s because we are introducing a couple things that we’re very excited about: Minigame – We’re finally tackling Furdi’s first mini-game which includes new lands, new potions, and possibly some new sounds and music as well. This is something a lot of our fans have […]

Time-Lapse – Update v.1.2.2 (Full Version)

Hi there! Tiny update. Time-Lapse now supports small screen devices. Full version only for now – Lite version will get the same update soon. Cheers!

Stop-Motion Update – v1.1.0

Hey guys, We got a few requests for an overlay grid to help you keep shots lined up. Great idea! So, we just added it in the latest version. Altogether this update includes: An overlay grid to help you line up your shots. Toggle it with the “Menu” button. Also by popular request, previous settings […]