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Furdiburb Lite: Version 0.17beta

Furdiburb - the alien virtual petHello Furdiburbians!

We are finished with the new update! There is a new land, Looming Mountains, that is now accessible to the very East of Boomy Woods. Check out all the new stuff we’ve added:

  • Two New Characters – Junkybot and MARC – say hello to a junky old robot and a depressed computer!
  • Junkybot’s Junk Shop – Junkybot wanders around Looming Mountains collecting mysterious relics. He doesn’t know what to do with them, and he’s willing to part with them if the price is right. One robot’s junk is Furdiburb’s treasure!
  • MARC – MARC (Musical Artificial Recall Computer) is a sad sad computer. Only you can make him happy with music!
  • Music Game – Play this music game and help MARC unlock a musical masterpiece. Don’t worry if you don’t have a musical background – MARC will help you out!
  • Music Instrument – Get a special relic from Junkybot to turn MARC into a high tech musical instrument. Dazzle your friends with your musical creations! Or just annoy them with random noises =D
  • Spaceship Part – Now you can discover the second spaceship part, bringing you one step closer to having a fixed up space rocket! As usual, you’ll have to figure this out on your own. Good luck!
  • Improvements
    • Accelerometer control
    • Tablet support
    • Bug fixes

Furdiburb - LiteAs always, we want to thank everyone for their patience. We are constantly working on Furdiburb!