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Furdiburb Is Out of Beta! (Version 1.0)

Furdiburb - the alien virtual petHelloooooo Furdiburbians!

The long awaited update is here. Go go go virtual pet update! This is our BIGGEST update ever, because we had to squeeze in a bunch of completely new features.

Furdiburb - Spirit Statue

Spirit Statues: What does this mean?

  • Spirit Stone – There’s a mysterious Spirit Statue that has appeared between Tehura’s shop and the volcano. What does it mean?? (go figure it out!)
  • Spaceship HUD – With your incomplete spaceship, how many more parts are you missing? Now, by tapping on your spaceship, it will tell you. You can tap on each missing piece for a hint of where to get it.
  • Pumpkin Chariot House and furniture – The Bagua Brothers have acquired the Pumpkin Chariot House with spooky furniture. Earlier on Facebook, we ran a survey where people voted for the style of house they’d like to see implemented. Pumpkin Chariot won third place.
  • Last spaceship part – Yep! You can finally completely fix up the spaceship! We’ve worked on this game for three years, and you can finally send Furdiburb home! *sniff!* By the way, do not hesitate to send him home – the game does not end.
  • New art and music – Don’t forget, you can buy the soundtrack on Google Play
  • A Rewatchable Cutscene – Something interesting happens when you fix the spaceship!
  • New customization – not your typical Crabidab mutation potions
  • A bunch of new scenes – Where are they?! I’m not saying! You’ll just have to find them!
  • Strange food – Whoa Furdi, you so crazy! These foods look strange indeed, and they make you act strangely.
  • Tilt fix for devices without a compass – thank you for your patience!
  • Other bug fixes – Thanks for reporting them bugs!

Furdiburb started off as a one scene virtual pet game that only got hungry and pooped, and look at how the game has grown in three years. Thank you so much for your support! Each time you tweet, like, upvote, share a screenshot, make fan art, make Furdi movies, help each other, or basically share Furdiburb with other people, it also helps us, and we appreciate it!

Team Furdi celebrating Version 1.0!

Team Furdi celebrating Version 1.0!

Where do we go from here? Our work as a team is far from over. We plan on porting to other platforms such as Nook and Kindle while developing more content for Furdiburb, and who knows, maybe a new game too!… so stay tuned!

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