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In the Midst of Greenlight

Now that we’re about 2 weeks into Greenlight we’ve done a good deal of reaching out to journalists, websites, and shmup fans. The process takes a lot of time and anytime someone picks up a story on us, it’s a big help.

Check out the awesome coverage the game has gotten so far!
IGM Forum Finds: A Quiver of Crows
Destructoid – A Quiver of Crows looks lovely…
Gaming on Linux

At this point we will let our Steam Greenlight page go into auto-pilot as we continue getting a stream of votes. Feedback from our voters has been mostly positive so far, which is hugely motivating!

Here’s a timelapse showing the animation process for willow trees that will be in A Quiver of Crows! The animations are being done in Spine – 2D animation software for games.

Thank you for your support and lets keep those yes votes coming!