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Author Archives: Danny

In the Midst of Greenlight

Now that we’re about 2 weeks into Greenlight we’ve done a good deal of reaching out to journalists, websites, and shmup fans. The process takes a lot of time and anytime someone picks up a story on us, it’s a big help.

Game 3 Concept Art: Character Design

After a few creative round tables we’ve finally narrowed the main character for Game 3. This design didn’t make it through the voting rounds because we wanted something more organic that would fit into the environment that we chose. A lot of the games in the genre we’re choosing have a technological theme. Part of […]

Game 3 Concept Art – Round 3

After some further thought and discussion we’ve narrowed our style down to something we all agreed on. We decided not to go with a space-age theme because so many shooters are already coming out in that style. To stand apart we want a moodier setting for all the action to take place. Take a look […]

Game 3 Concept Art – Getting closer to choosing a style

Last week we narrowed down the environment concepts to 3 different styles, and after meeting today we are starting to get close to what we want the final look and feel to be like. This part is important because it can influence everything from the story to characters, so we want make sure we’re going […]

Game 3 Concept Art – A First Glimpse

Today we had started narrowing down the style, theme, and environment for Game 3. Out of 6 different concepts we’ve narrowed it down to 3 which we’ll be fleshing out in the next week. The designs vary a lot from science fiction settings to more rustic landscapes. We’ll also be working on the character designs […]

Developments on Furdiburb – Minigame, New Lands, and Currency!

Greetings Its been a while since we’ve last updated, and that’s because we are introducing a couple things that we’re very excited about: Minigame – We’re finally tackling Furdi’s first mini-game which includes new lands, new potions, and possibly some new sounds and music as well. This is something a lot of our fans have […]