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Showering / Bathing
The Factory
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Leaving the island or hole
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Gameplay Questions
Music Game
Firefly Game

Furdiburb's world
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Team Furdi
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How do I update?
Go to Android Market and search for "Furdiburb" or "" which is case-sensitive. Or click on this market link.

Golden Poop - Problems Buying
Thank you for purchasing Golden Poops! It might take a few minutes for your purchase to complete. To help the transaction complete quickly please make sure of the following:
  • You have a good Internet connection.
  • Your device isn't running low on space.
If that doesn't help and you still haven't received your poops within 5 minutes, then please contact us at so we can help you out.
Golden Poop - No buy button
Sorry about that! Android devices running versions lower than 2.2 cannot make purchases. Sorry about the inconvenience - keep an eye out for those daily Golden Poops. And remember - Golden Poops are for luxurious items - you will still be able to progress through the game without needing them.
Golden Poop - Preventing My Kids From Buying Them
We recommend parents apply a PIN onto their Android Market account, so that their children must bring the Android device to their parents (so they can type the PIN in) when they would like to purchase an item. Here's how to do this:
To set a PIN code for purchases:
  • Open Android Market
  • Press Menu and then touch Settings
  • Touch "Set or change PIN"
  • Enter a PIN code, and touch OK
  • Re-enter your PIN to confirm
  • Check the box for "Use PIN for purchases"
Now, whenever you try to purchase an app or book, rent a movie, or make an in-app purchase, you'll be prompted to enter your PIN code before you can complete your purchase. More info can be found at the Android Market help site.

How do I transfer my game to another device?
This is option is currently only available to players who have purchased gold poop.
  • Menu -> Settings -> click on "Backup or Restore"
  • Select an email you want to back up to (make a note as this is the same email you want to restore from) and hit "Backup"
  • On your new device, after installing the game, go to Menu -> Settings -> click on "Backup or Restore" and select the email you want to restore from, and hit "Restore".
Note: this feature is currently limited to paying users because the backup/restore functionality is expensive for us to operate.

I want to report an issue
If the app force-closes and gives you an option to "send bug report", please select that button. This will send detailed information to us about what went wrong. Otherwise, please email us at with the type of phone you have.

How do I give him a shower?
Check out this bathing tutorial video:

He's sick! How can I make him better?
Healing potions are available in Tokori's shop in Boomy Woods (press & hold to enter). Match sickness colors to healing potions. For more info, check out this sickness video:

How do I work The Factory?

For recipes, visit our Furdiburb fan page.

How do I earn money?

How do I travel?
First, make sure that Furdiburb is completely hatched. You can press and hold on the brown left or right arrow-shaped signs. You may also travel by dragging the ground from right to left or left to right with a big swipe. Please note the swipe must occur on the earth (not the sky) or else it will not work.

How do I enter buildings or go on the island?
Press and hold on the door of the building or on the island.

How do I get off the island or out of the hole?
Island: Press on the swirly greenish icon at the top right of the scene. Hole: Look for the arrow to press.

He's taking forever to hatch!! I can't wait @_@
You can speed up the hatching process, but you gotta figure out how to use the scenery! Chicken Mama will give you hints so visit her periodically.

How do I feed Furdiburb?
"As you can see, I have no arms - I cannot feed myself. Would you kindly grow me some fruit? Plants must be watered before it will bear food. Drag a cloud from the sky over a sprout and watch it grow. Afterwards, drag the food to me to feed me."

Lasers? Grids? Inventory? Huh!?
Press and hold on the food, poop, or potion to store it for later. To access your inventory just press and hold on Furdiburb. You can then select a stored item by pressing on it.

Furdiburb's sleeping and I can't play with him =(
Yes you can! Here's a hint: knock knock knock!

How do I decorate his hut?
Enter his hut by pressing and holding on the door. Then, either press and hold on the bed, picture, lamp, rug, or plant to choose other furniture.

How do I fish?
There are 39 types of things that are swimming, hiding, or resting on the ocean floor. Can you find them all?? Just grab a fishing antenna from Crabidab's shop, hop onto the island, and get fishin'. For more details check out this video:

How do I play the music game?
Stick a relic into the left receptacle, listen to the tune that plays, and try to repeat the tune by inputting notes from left to right. Press the "play" button to check your answers until you get it right. Repeat!

How do I collect Fireflies?
Grab a lightbulb mutation potion from Crabidab's shop and apply onto Furdi. At the swamp, put Furdi on lily pad and long press to zoom in. Tilt your Android device (or on some devices press the left and right buttons) to move Furdi left and right. Charge up your antenna by collecting the yellow bugs (fireflies and ladybugs) and avoiding all others! This game is tough - persistence is key to completing it!

What's Furdiburb's story?
Furdiburb - the alien virtual pet: "Hi! I'm Furdiburb from the planet Gliese 581 B. While on vacation to Earth, my parents forgot me and left me behind. Will you take care of me so that I may return back to my planet when I'm old enough? Take good care of me, and I will grow faster. Neglect me, and I will be a sad, sad Furdiburb."

What is Chicken Mama for?
Chicken Mama helps with the hatching process. Toss her around the screen to cause her to fly - if you throw her off screen, don't worry she'll still be there when you come back. If you fed her to Furdiburb, she is GONE FOREVER!... J/K! You can bring her back using The Factory. Speak to Tokori, Crabidab, and Veroosh for a chicken revival recipe.

How can I support Furdiburb?
Please purchase golden poops that are available in the game! There are also free ways to give support:
You can also support us by checking out Furdiburb stuff, like mugs and t-shirts, at our shop. If you do have an interest in photography and media, check out our Time-lapse and Stop-motion apps, which come in free and full versions. Thank you!!!

Umm... I need more assistance please!
We recommend you to figure things out on your own, but if necessary, you may visit the Furdiburb Fan Page and ask questions. Be polite! Or, you may contact us at:

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