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More Progress! - August 30, 2015

Hey Peoples!

The summer is flying by as we chip away on our game! Here’s a summary of all the progress we made over the past month working on our upcoming twin-stick shmup: A Quiver of Crows.

Developer Let’s Play Video

Rather watch than read? We’ll you’re in luck!

More Locations!

The Dawn level is now complete and is comprised of 11 stages. Over the past month we’ve been adding multiple new areas to these stages including an underground arena, multiple tree caves, as well as various forest scenes.

More Foreground Animations!

Danny, the artist, has also been focused on creating more foreground animations to help the stages appear more lively. For the Dawn stages, this included large crawling ants, crows gnawing at skulls, and various plants swaying in the wind.

More Skelecrane Boss Polish!

The first boss was completed in August, but we’ve spent more time polishing, balancing, and fine-tuning the 3 headed skelecrane boss.

More Sounds!

After churning out all of the stages for the Dawn level, Alice – developer and composer – has moved on to sound effects. She’s already sourced or created 20 different sound effects and is now working on the audio programming end of things.

Title Screen and Alpha

In preparation for an upcoming alpha test, we’ve been spending more time working on non-gameplay features such as the user interface. The title screen and several of its related menus were completed. We can’t wait to get through alpha, get feedback, and move on to beta testing with more people!

Stay Tuned!

That’s it for this update! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or start a discussion in our Steam community hub. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @AQuiverOfCrows for more frequent updates!

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