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Eras of Alchemy, now Available on the App Store - April 21, 2014

Eras of AlchemyHi everyone!

Eras of Alchemy is now available on the App Store. Go download it on your iPhones and iPads!

Earth has been mostly destroyed by an asteroid. Can YOU help H.E.R.A resurrect all of Earth’s creatures? Decipher riddles, combine creatures, and repopulate the planet!

Eras of Alchemy, full of life screenshot

Eras of Alchemy is all about creating life and re-populating the Earth.

  • Discover dozens of creatures by solving riddles
  • Stuck? We have helpful hints for each creature combination
  • Watch the landscape change with time as you unlock the creatures
  • Wonderful animations for each animal
  • Beautiful HD graphics!
  • Earn achievements!

Now we’ll be updating other platforms with all of the eras and adding a “clear all” function.

Stay tuned!
Download from the App Store

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